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What’s Your Destiny Card?

What’s Your Destiny Card?

(Also called Your Love Card)

Find your destiny birthday card through the chart below. Your day of birth on the left and month on top. Find where they intersect and that’s your love card! Go to the bottom of the page for the meaning of your card.

Meanings of Each Destiny Birthday Card

Hearts – Relate to the emotional realm, art, beauty, love, family, and sensuality. Clubs – Relate to the mental realm such as education, communication, teaching, mental intelligence, and intuition. Diamonds – Relate to values, worth, and money. Creating abundance through balancing spiritual and material pursuits. Spades – Relate to spirituality, health, work, lifestyle, determination, and discipline. Ace – The individual. New Ideas. Independent. 2 – Cooperation, helpful, relationship-oriented, partnership, couplehood 3 – Creativity, artistic and imaginative. Also lots of mental chatter and worry. 4 – Stable, secure, practical, grounded, and also can be fixed and stubborn. 5 – Adventure, travel fun, and energetic. Can be restless and impulsive. 6 – Balancing Karma. You sow what you reap. What are you giving out? 7 – Reflection and discerning but also can be skeptical and pessimistic. 8 – Power! Competent and visionary. Needs to use their power wisely. 9 – Card of completion, Good givers, and charitable. 10 – Career-oriented, independent, determined. Can be overbearing. Jack – Creative, eternal youths, and playful. Can be immature and crafty. Queen – Service to humanity, kind intelligent and can be demanding. King – Power and Leadership. Rule through command. Can be arrogant. Joker – Dec 31st birthdate – This system does not read this card. Karma Cards & the Mystical Family of Seven Karma Card connections are a strong bond of one kind or another between two people. This means that one of you likely owes something to the other. The attraction is to settle a debt from a past life. Your Karma Cards are also strong mirrors for you. Showing you other sides of your personality. For this reason, you can either love them, be triggered by them or both. Your Karma Cards are different parts of your personality being reflected back to you. See the chart below to discover your first and second karma cards. For example, the Queen of Hearts first karma card is a Ten of Spades and the second karma card is the nine of clubs. Your first karma card is what you are rising up to in this lifetime. Those that have that card… you “owe.” Your second karma card is the gift and talent that you came in with. Those that have that are “owe” you.

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