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Grow Your Vision

Our amazingly talented practitioners ignite your inner flame on a whole 'nother level.

Our Elemental Hub & Collab Practitioners


Find who resonates best on your personal retreats, events and 1:1 sessions. Connecting the otherworldly to your world.


Kiara Kyan

Founder & Manager, Psychic Reader

Kiara is a natural-born empathic intuitive, who utilizes insights into ones own Higher Self pulling her inner guidance from the powerful Earth Elementals. She specializes in Astrology, Akashic past-life intel, intuitive insight, chakra balancing & more to assist you in holding a deeper understanding of a wide variety of topics in metaphysics. Gifted in channeling other’s inner messages, she will assist you in comprehensive soul work bringing your Spiritual, Mental, Emotional & Physical bodies into alignment for your higher self. Her intuition channeled through the heart of the cards allows her to give in-depth insight into your own life mission.


Danielle Adams of Fae Garden Sedona

Astrologist, Psychic Reader

Danielle has been sensitive to energy as an intuitive her whole life. She started giving readings as young as 16 years old to her friends and family before hiding her gifts away from those who could not comprehend them at an older age. Since then, Danielle has allowed her gifts to unfold as she focused all of her studies from Tesla to Einstein, observing people from all walks of life in order to gain clarity and give healing in their life challenges. You will discover your personality through your birthdate, Name, and miscellaneous intuition to obtain more awareness and tools to overcome life’s challenges you may be facing. In a session with her, you will receive messages from your angels and guides to accelerate your personal development. 

Learn and come into balance with your energies through her guided interpretations of your natal birth chart. Release and let go of mental, emotional, and spiritual past life baggage that has weighed down for many lifetimes. Danielle is available for phone and Zoom readings/healing sessions!

Collaborative Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion. Otherworldy.

Crystal Prophecy is a Self awareness and Empowerment Healing Group based in Sedona, AZ and founded by Kiara Kyan.

This is a platform for Anyone as a Collaborator, to branch out and connect with whoever you feel you resonate with for future projects, retreats, classes and sessions!

Anyone who collaborates with Crystal Prophecy can be mentioned with any link to their business, social, or personal website.

Feel free to browse all these amazing people and reach out to those who resonate Best.

With emphasis on life’s journey and spiritual downloads from all over time, space and through personal and past life experiences, Crystal Prophecy endeavors to share wisdom, healing and insight into you and your personal path in this lifetime and beyond and to channel one’s soul work bringing your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies in alignment for your higher self.

Images provided by Kiara’s Photography, Collaborator’s and more.

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