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Meet the Crystal Phoenix, Kiara Kyan



Hello, my name is Kiara Kyan of my founded company, Crystal Prophecy LLC. I am Sedona, Phoenix and Arizona's Crystal Phoenix.

I very much love having the opportunity to connect deeply with my clients, friends, and peers, showing them their own Universal Current, embedded within, since before we were born. Astrology, Sound Healing, Energy work and more are my focuses to ignite embodiment in others.

My focus is to bring forth awareness, give insight to tools to assist in healing us through Unconditional Love, and to teach others how to open up to their own spiritual potential.

I have taken some elements from Tarot and other Cartomancy, (which is the practice of using cards to gain insight into the past, current and future situations by posing a question to the cards) in order to build this belief in my own tool, an Oracle deck, the Crystal Alabe Oracle to share some of the universe's secrets.

I have collaborated with many partners over the past 7 years in retreats, healings, classes, and experiences, such as Mystical Bazaar, Retreats & More, HellerGood, Phaedra Mog, Sedona Vortex Tours, Greenwitch Creations, and many many more.

Use the tools I provide as a compass to direct yours or other’s best path in this life. As of 2024, I am certified in 22 different modalities that I use to guide others toward self empowerment and self-healing.

The reason I do this work is to answer the ever-present questions my clients ask me about needing to be “healed, or saved”. As a healer, it is our responsibility to provide tools for you to use, not save you. As they say, “Feed a man a fish for one day, teach a man to fish for a lifetime.” If you choose to just as easily give fears, or falsehoods any part of your power or allow them to rule your life, you may find how easy it is to choose not to give in and how powerful that change can be.
Build and Understand Your personal Blueprint,

Ignite Your Inner Flame with me,

~Kiara Kyan & Collaborative Partners

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I had an aura reading, and the psychic reader, Kiara was amazingly accurate. She gave me accurate insight and guidance. Plus, I was able to take the aura report home with me which I'm realizing is super insightful. The gals who work in the shop are super friendly, and always available to help me. I'm already looking forward to going again soon!

Jan 22, 2020

Joy V., CA



W.E. a World Enlightened, as your stop to wholeness, Crystal Prophecy LLC endeavors to discover all those hidden talents you have to offer, and share them with those who resonate best with you and best of all, yourself. Our mission is to provide clarity, ignite healing, and pursue deeper connections for humanity’s benefit. By providing tools, experiences, and conversation, we offer a collaborative community. Including, sound bath healing journeys, psychic intuitive readings, transformational retreats, expansive classes, and more. Allow the Crystal Phoenix to lead your initiate journey on the path to self discovery.

The Crystal Phoenix endeavors to share wisdom, healing, and insight for you and your personal path in this lifetime & beyond.

Join our future events, posts, and experiences in Sedona, Arizona. You can also collaborate with me by clicking the link the below if you would like to have me at your next event/retreat!

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Sedona AZ

Tel: 530-276-4286

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