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Why Choose Kiara's Crystal Prophecy?

I am eclectic, bounty-of-knowledge, similar to my own mini Akashic Library, and unlike anyone, you have ever met.


“Kiara is a natural-born empathic intuitive, who utilizes insights into one's own Higher Self pulling her inner guidance from the powerful Earth Elementals. She specializes in Astrology, Akashic past-life intel, intuitive insight, chakra balancing & more to assist you in holding a deeper understanding of a wide variety of topics in metaphysics. Gifted in channeling others’ inner messages, she will assist you in comprehensive soul work bringing your Spiritual, Mental, Emotional & Physical bodies into alignment with your higher self. Her intuition channeled through the heart of the cards allows her to give in-depth insight into your own life mission.”

Expertise of over 22 Modalities

  • Coaching

  • Retreats

  • Intuitive Readings

  • Energy Healing

  • Sound bath Ceremony

  • Astrology

  • Reiki

  • Hypnotherapy

  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

  • Elemental Ceremonies

Recent Education

Magnify More Academy, Online Trade

120 Hour Course, Certified under the IBCP (International Board of Coaches and Practitioners)

  • NeuroLinguistic Programming NLP

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Life Coaching

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique: Tapping)

  • Reiki I & II

  • T.I.M.E. Techniques

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Here are our reviews from 2018 to Preset!

Mystical Bazaar, Sedona AZ


Donna R

A Wonderful Experience

Jan 2019 • Solo

Beautiful rocks, jewelry, and many other items, but the people make the biggest difference. The staff and readers are so friendly and welcoming. I had an aura reading which was very interesting, a tarot reading that was spot on, but one of the most enriching and empowering experiences was my astrology life chart with Kiara. She was very thorough, explained all the different parts of the chart, used stones to help me visualize, and answered many things I have wondered about but had no idea it was a part of my chart indications. I highly recommend getting taking this opportunity. Well worth the cost. All the readers were amazing.


Cindy C

Santa Fe, NM

Incredible experience

Jun 2019 • Couples

We visited Mystical Bazaar on 6/5/19 and found their employees to be very kind, knowledgeable and helpful. The shop was bright, beautiful and had really great energy. We purchased some crystals, gifts for friends, and a card deck and even some items from their sale section! Their prices were excellent compared to another highly rated metaphysical store in Sedona. My spouse and I decided to have readings by Kiara who used several card decks for the reading. She was excellent and provided guidance on several areas I need to work on. It was interesting that the last card that I pulled was the same card as my spouse which Kiarastated she had never experienced before! I agree with other reviewers whom indicate that this is the only store you need to visit.


Shawn L.

San Diego, CA


All the ladies in the store were welcoming and super nice! Everyone had a great energy and were happy to help us pick out stones because we were totally clueless! This store literally had something for everyone. Not spiritual? That's cool, you will still find beautiful jewelry and other gifts here.


My boyfriend and I both did aura photos and got a couples reading by Kiara and she was spot on. She was very intuitive, funny, and kind to us. We are going to try and attend her sound healing class in San Diego while she is visiting!


Rose W.

Cave Creek, AZ


First to Review

Kiara is amazing! She is very insightful and specific. Her gifts and talents are undeniable and cannot be overstated. My husband and I first met her March 2018. We have visited her each year around my birthday since and in the last year we have kept up with all of her endeavors. She is a uniquely special being. Go see her. You will be so glad you did.

Crystal Prophecy LLC

Oracle Deck

Mark F, Phoenix AZ

October 21, 2022

My dearest Kiara,

I cannot begin to express my happiness or m gratitude for the gifts that you sent along with your guidebook. When I opened the package and found all of the neat things that you sent me. I feel the love. I want to send this back to you. I’ve never had anyone put the care and effort into the delivery of an order. You are amazing, thank you so much you’ve got a smile on my face. You rock, I cannot wait to dive into this and see what it brings. And you’ve made me so happy. Thank you very very much. Blessings be, Your devoted fan Mark. Ps My nine-year-old daughter cannot wait to see what happens. She thinks you’re beautiful. I must agree. Inside and out thank you so much


June Syndesi, Sedona AZ

May 15, 2020

Hey honey, I just came across this honor on your website

I am so honored thank you so much it means so much to me that you are showcasing me. YOU are truly living the principles of moving from the competition to collaboration mindset.

You are remarkable. You are going far.

I am so proud to be your friend <3 You inspire me. Thank you


Rose W.

Cave Creek, AZ


Kiara is a very powerful and person. Her gifts are incredible. She is insightful, kind, and understanding. She goes above and beyond to communicate her insights to you. Expressing from many angles. Always thinking of creative applications for what she thinks is possible for you. She is undeniably special and helpful.


Jaden Kuzelka

Cave Creek, AZ


Such an amazing experience! Attended a sound bath and I was blown away by the talent and energy that was present. She also offers a wide array of other services such as; hypnotherapy, astrology, and energy healing.


Emily Rowan

Sedona, AZ


Kiara’s sound baths are amazing! I felt immensely better after attending one. She’s also an incredible intuitive mentor and extremely talented and compassionate. I would recommend her services to anyone.


Well 1 Tribe (Google Review)

Anthem, AZ


I have had the pleasure of experiencing Kiara’s gifts several times now. Her sound bath ceremonies are a transcendent experience. She is incredibly intuitive and holds space beautifully for others. Kiara is also very knowledgeable with astrology. I can’t wait to do a reading with her . I highly recommend her for you next healing retreat of intuitive needs.

Retreats & More



from United States, December 2022

"Great retreat for a wellness getaway"

This retreat was great for resetting and taking a breather. We did actual yoga “classes” about 3 times the entire weekend. I was expecting more yoga, however we covered many topics pertaining to yoga such as chakras, sound bathing (one of my favorite parts), and a few other little ceremonies that relate to a yoga lifestyle. We also hiked right behind the resort, as well as Bell Rock. Loved each part of this. The retreat hosts did a very good job of making our weekend great, helping and answering questions, and if some had accommodation issues, they fixed it. I definitely recommend this retreat for those looking for a reset, a mini vacation with activities that encourage you to slow down and take a breath.


Whitney Britton

from United States, December 2022

"Perfect Retreat for a Reset"

The sound bath was my favorite! The food was great and all the women were wonderful. The hosts and teachers were so welcoming and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend.



from United States, December 2022

"Sedona women’s retreat"

The location, hiking, yoga, and sound bath were all amazing. It was wonderful to get to know women from all over the country from different backgrounds. The hosts were accommodating and welcoming.



from United States, February 2023

"Good experience"

This retreat was a nice experience and getting to know such powerful women made it worth while. I loved working with all of the ladies especially Kiara, she was so open and her energy was always positive. The hike with her with so relaxing and informative…I was able to push myself to higher heights with her and our group’s patience.

The sound bath was amazing, the vibrations really allowed me to release so much energy that I was holding on to that wasn’t serving me anymore. Nicole our camera woman was also very lovely and really had such good energy while hanging with us. The spiritual reading was spot on…I left the retreat feeling light and clear about decisions I made prior to coming and new decisions I’ve been wanting to make. I definitely got what I needed to get out of this retreat so much that on my flight home I had tears of gratitude for my life and the enlightening I received over the weekend. Thank you!


Angela Greaves

from United States, February 2023

"Magical experience."

I liked the vibe of the retreat. The organizers and instructors were very conscious in helping us with feel comfortable. The yoga practices were very good and the food excellent . The accommodations were spacious and very comfortable. Lastly, the group hikes were breathtaking and enjoyable



from United States, February 2023


The leaders did a nice job of creating a sense of community.

Kiaras knowledge, the scenery, the people I met.

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