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Elemental Embodiment Retreat
Sedona AZ

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


Heal along one of the sacred meccas of vortex hiking trails, and breathtaking views of the famous Red Rocks of Sedona Arizona. Align your Spirit Bodies at this in-depth experience hosted in the mystical Sedona, AZ.

This retreat is a 4-day long experience embracing the 4 Spirit Bodies through the elementals of fire, water, earth, and air.

Embrace the power of the elements and cultivate your life intentions.

"It is important to draw wisdom from many different places. If you take it from only one place, it becomes rigid and stale. Understanding others, the other elements, and the other nations, will help you become whole. It is the combination of the four elements in one person that makes the Spiritual Teachers so powerful. And it can make you more powerful, too."


Indulge in Nature w/ Kiara of Crystal Prophecy
Sound Healing | Nature | Wellness

Sebastian, Florida | Sedona, Arizona

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Kiara Kyan | Crystal Prophecy

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What Makes This Retreat Special?

  • All levels welcome

  • Reawaken the part of you that shines

  • Explore the healing power of sound, movement, awareness, elements, and community

  • Embrace & nurture your highest light

  • Release limiting beliefs

  • Move united with like community builders

  • Experience spiritual modalities and healing on a deeper level

  • Embody feeling found, held and self loved ​

  • Affordable - we want all to be able to enjoy

Bring along groups to travel together & make the experience soar.


Re-Ignite Your Inner Flame

Kiara Kyan
𓂀Sedona’s Crystal Prophet,
I am your Spiritual Guide as we Collaborate on Your current path’s needs
There are a number of ways we can work on a healing path together.
Coaching | Intuitive Readings | Energy Healing | Sound baths | Astrology | Hypnotherapy | NLP

We can't wait to see you!


What's Included?

4 day, 3 nights accommodations retreat in Sedona, AZ.

  • All meals 

    • Continental Style Breakfast

    • Catered - Lunch and Dinner - Vegan-Conscious Meals

  • All transportation while on retreat

  • Yoga with a professional instructor

  • Sound Healing by a certified instructor

  • Hiking with a certified guide

  • Transformation treatments in a safe space

  • Add on: Mini Birth Chart w/ Synastry (Romance/friendship Optional)

  • Tea Leaf readings & Candle intention setting

  • Retreat Treats Upon Arrival

Retreat Highlights

Yoga Daily

Day 1: Fire - Mental

  • Fire - The element of mental clarification and purification - to bring focus, passion, and intention.  Fire is the element of power, to have desire and will and the energy and drive to achieve what you want in the mind. Time to Embark on our journey!

    • Opening Ceremony

    • Fire Intentional Ceremony​

Day 2: Earth - Physical

  • Earth - the Physical Element of stability for grounding and dependability. Earth is the element of substance. To be diverse and strong,  persistent and enduring.

    • Movement

    • Sound Bath

    • Fire dancing

Day 3: Water - Emotion

  • A cleansing, healing flowing energy prompting emotional and spiritual renewal, release, and forgiveness. Water is the element of change. To be capable of adapting to many things. Have a sense of community and love that holds all together through anything.

    • Vortex Hiking

    • Creek Play / Water Ceremony​​

    • Emotional Release & Learn coping tools

Day 4: Air - Spiritual

  • Air - The Element of Freedom– find truth and insight within, find detachment from worldly concerns and find a sense of peace and freedom. To have a pretty good senses of humor.

    • Chakra Alignment

    • Sacred Japanese Tea Ceremony

    • Intentions Spoken and Finalized


Optional Retreat Add Ons

  • Astrology Chart Interpretation

  • Private Intuitive Reading

  • Private Yoga

  • Massages

  • Bio Treatments

*Must confirm your massage appointment time at least 14 days prior to arrival.

** We encourage healing through the use of medicinal herbs of all kinds in the form of tinctures, teas and juices.  We do not encourage smoking and smoking of any kind is not allowed on the property except in designated areas.

Reserve Your Space

Meet The Team

Our Clients


More Info

Here are more insights to this experience; crafted with 


Kiara is an intuitive healer utilizing astrology, Akashic past life information, & other modalities to assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and your inner healing. Gifted in channeling others’ inner messages, she will assist you in comprehensive soul work bringing your emotional, mental, physical, & spiritual bodies in alignment with your highest self.

In this retreat, Kiara will be offering an immersive Sound Bath Journey, Astrology charts & synastry report with an intuitive reading to give you insight into your personality, relationships, and more. She will also be your host on this journey, supplying the Module EmBodiment Course before coming to the retreat.

Before the retreat, she will need to know: the full name, birth date, place, exact time, (and a loved one they want to work on for synastry). She will be working with you onsite for the retreat.


Intuitive Reader
Tea Leaf Reader
Reiki Specialist
Medicinal Sacred Ceremonial Sound Bath
Energy and Chakra Balancing
Sedona Vortex and Stupa Guide


Join us in the sacred Mecca of Sedona: 'Embody the Elements'? It means to connect with the natural current within you that also resides within the natural elements around us. Bathe in Moonlight, Warm in Sunlight. All skill levels are welcome.

Crystal Prophecy LLC want all to be able to enjoy their retreats with groups of friends who are encouraged to travel together to make the experience even more affordable by renting an entire chalet for 3. (Location Dependant)

This retreat will be an all-inclusive experience with a limited number of participants.

Reserve your space soon to guarantee your spot!




Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, General Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga

Skill Level

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


Vegan, Vegetarian, Nut-allergy-friendly, Keto-friendly, Sugar conscious, Organic, Gluten Free, Dairy-free

FREE Gift (if you book with

  • 60-Minute Relaxing Group Sound Bathing Experience

  • Retreat treats upon arrival

  • Exclusive Curated Toolist For Your Self-Practice

  • 3-Day Transformational Online Retreat Coursework ($200 Value)



Get ready for your next big adventure!

Wake up in magickal Arizona, while sipping some recommended herbal teas.

You'll get to experience ceremony, yoga, and meditation on a deeper level and participate in medicinal herb and wellness workshops. All tools are crafted to create an embodied you. Plenty of free time to enjoy a hike, walk, nap, mingle, sunbathe, swim, soak, or book a private session. Enjoy all at your pace with respected guides.

There will be a picnic lunch, dependent on the weather. If the weather does not permit, lunch will be delivered indoors.

Private session schedules will be determined in advance and you will be notified of your scheduled times.

Moderate Cancellation Policy

  • 100% deposit refund for cancellation 60+ days before retreat start date.

  • 50% deposit refund for cancellation 30-59 days before retreat start date.

  • 0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-29 days before retreat start date.

Remaining Balance

  • The remaining balance is due 30 days before the retreat start date.

  • If paid at the time of booking, a full refund of the remaining balance is available up to 30 days before your retreat start date.

  • If you cancel 0-29 days before your retreat start date remaining balance is not refundable.

Please note: For deposit and remaining balance amounts, please refer to your booking summary email.


  • Connect

  • Heal

  • Refresh

  • Relax

  • Explore

  • Empower

What Makes This Retreat Special

"Find yourself among the spirit of the earth — the sun, the stars, the moon, the water, the animals, the elements."

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

As humans, we forget who we are. We forget how we care for others. We neglect our fears, pains, and shadows. This retreat is to help us to remember who we are, to be seen, loved, and held. To aid us in our decompression, discover the tools our guides display and take back and embody our better beings.

Your retreat will include:

  • 4 days 3 nights accommodations at one of our preferred properties - our retreat group will all stay at one location

  • Breakfast daily

  • Lunch daily

  • Dinner daily

  • Complimentary water, herbal-infused teas, and snacks

  • Group sound bath

  • All activities, workshops, and experiences with a certified instructor

  • Fire Intentional ceremony

  • Sacred Tea ceremony

  • Medicinal herb and wellness workshops

  • Retreat treats throughout stay

  • Food

  • Crystal Prophecy LLC encourages healing through the use of herbs of all kinds in the form of tinctures, and teas. We do not encourage smoking and smoking of any kind is not allowed on the property except in designated areas.

  • The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Dinner

  • Snacks

  • Drinks

The following drinks are included:

  • Water

  • Coffee

  • Tea

We are happy to provide options for Vegans/Vegetarians. Breakfast will be continental style, Lunch Picnic style, and dinner is catered. Please let us know if you have special diet needs at least 14 days in advance.

  • Location

  • The Sacred land of Sedona is one of the most sought-after locations to hold a retreat due to its awing and spiritual nature.

  • The famous red rocks of Sedona, and the vortexes

  • ​Ideal Property Stay

  • Our intimate setting and private amenities make this the perfect spot for a relaxing oasis.

  • Hike and Bike Trailheads leading into the Coconino National Forest, days of adventure and nights of peaceful relaxation around the evening campfire await.

  • Resort Highlights Include

  • Heated pool and/or hot tub

  • Firepit

  • Private trailheads

  • Insatiable views, close to town

  • What's Included In This Package

  • 3 nights accommodation

  • 3 daily yummy nutritious meals

  • Water, tea, and coffee served throughout the day

  • Daily yoga classes

  • Daily meditation workshops

  • Specialized workshops

  • Group excursions/activities

  • Nature hikes with a trusted guide

  • 60-minute Relaxing Group Sacred Sound Bathing Experience

  • Pre and post-retreat support from our team

  • Parking

  • Wifi connection

  • Free excursions to sites of interest

  • Transportation during the retreat


  • What's Not Included In This Package

  • Airport transfer

  • Airport transfers can be purchased from Groome for 59.00 each way from PHX to Sedona (about 2 hours)

  • Flights costs

  • Visa fee

  • Additional activities not included in the itinerary

  • Additional treatments

What to bring

Please come prepared to have a great time.

  • Water Bottle

  • If you have a yoga mat and / or yoga blocks, please bring them

  • Comfortable walking/hiking shoes (water shoes for creek)

  • Warm comfortable clothing for our winter dates, cool comfortable clothing for our summer retreats

  • Dress up (for the night on the town if you so choose)

  • Open Mind and Heart

Seasonal information

Arizona especially: Weather cannot always be predicted, Sedona has a mild climate and follows seasonal norms. For our winter dates (20-60 degrees), please bring warm clothes, for our summer dates (60-100 degrees), please bring appropriate attire and for all seasons bring a water bottle and drink a lot of water.

Responsible travel

We believe strongly in the "Leave NO trace" policy. Sedona is an area that respects nature and provides pristine hiking trails and creek beds. We will not leave our mark in nature. At all times we ask that our retreat participants respect the local people and wildlife.

How to get there (flights, airport transfers, buses, trains)

Flying: Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (PHX). You can also fly into the Mesa Municipal Airport, depending on the carrier.

Transfers to our Preferred Resorts are $60.00 each way through Groome, check other travel options at the help desk at the airport. About a 2-hour drive to Sedona.

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