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Elemental Research: Which Elements are surrounding you?

Ever wondered what elementals are hanging out with you? Here is a guide to all the beautiful babes and who may be your elemental group. Kiara Kyan, Crystal Prophecy LLC 2020-23 ©


These are elemental motes (name of beings in energetic mass of orb like form) that are set in levels of energetic potential and expression as they latch onto humans in physical/spiritual/emotional/mental form. These energies are made up from the Aethereal energy around us on earth and manifested into astral form. ✧✦ Represent Opposites and ✧Masculine, ✦Feminine energy-type. This indication does not mean any assigned gender for the elemental mote, just their connection to the energy type, where masculine energy is do, act, and the feminine is observe, feel.


Focused energy representations for magick, alchemy, Zodiac type and more. These elementals are broader and make up the focus of the universal concept of existence in the physical form.

✧XX Fire △: Energy Radiating (Ex. Qi, Energy, Light) Tool Recommendations: Candle Magick, Exorcism, Purification Ceremony, Manipulation of Energy, Healing Techniques. Fire is wands in tarot (♣clubs in Egyptian magick) Where the flames both destroy and purify, it is not only good for defense, but to focus and see things through until the end. Honoring your passions, bravery, courage and strength, this mote rules mental body. Represents passion, risk taking, rash drive and somewhat expressive to conquer, lead and travel. This mote is a core representative of banishing what does not work and bursting waves of energy toward desire. It does not do well with water or too much air, but it does love to be fueled up by the wind’s calm waves. Commonly found around souls with hot headed energetic drive and sometimes even anger or passion. Associated with Lilith, Pluto, Tetrahedron and the 3 Fire Zodiac, Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo. Opposite Water.

✦XII Water ▽: Energy Conserving (Ex. Matter, Atomic Particles) Tool Recommendations: Mirror Magick, Illusions, Enchantments, Manipulation of Dreams, Divination. Water is cups in tarot (♥hearts in Egyptian magick) A cleansing and healing energy with spiritual renewal and forgiveness by understanding intimate connections with all and open your heart, ruling emotional body. Deeply emotional, therefore representing the emotional body, through intuitive and empathetic ideals; motivated to nurture and be nurtured. Attracted to those who show qualities of healing, unconditional love, peace, harmony, divination, cleansing and purification. Associated with Neptune, Emotional Body, Icosahedron and the 3 Water Zodiac, Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio. Opposite Fire.

✧0 Wind (Air) : Tool Recommendations: Knot Magick, Contacting Spirits, Remote Viewing, Manipulation of Thoughts, Astral Projection. Air is swords in tarot (♠spades in Egyptian magick) Ethereal truth and insight within, rules spiritual body, focus on facts, truth and mutual understanding with the flow of the atmosphere it is summoned within. Be the wind, flow and progress, expand and it carries the mind into the energies of the spiritual body, handling the abstract and metaphysical, well. Social, enjoying learning and interaction. Connected to those who have qualities of thought, idea, study, focus, communication, travel, protection and movement. Associated with Uranus, Mental Body, Octahedron and the 3 Air Zodiac, Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius. Opposite Earth.

✦XXII Earth :Energy Stabilizing (Ex. Gravity) Tool Recommendations: Crystal Magick, Runes, Protections, Manipulation of Nature's Forces, Kindred Animals. Earth is pentacles in tarot (♦diamonds in Egyptian magick) Element of stability with the strength of Gaia, ruling the physical body, for grounding and dependability. A stubbornness with the right intentions. Using practicality and dependability. It is considered the building block of Gaia, demonstrating solid grounding and realistic ideals. They are dependable and cautious. Connected to those with qualities of the love of money, prosperity, home, marriage, plants, animals, children, fertility, physical healing and hearth. Associated with Earth, Physical Body, Cube and the 3 Earth Zodiac, Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus. Opposite Air.

✧IX Metal: Energy Condensing/Organizing (Ex. Nuclear Fusion) Tool Recommendations: Crystal Magick, Energy Manipulation, Mirror Magick, Vibrational Correction, Dietary Enhancement. Hard as a rock but also a malleable element in transformation. By being very loyal, the energy defends even if you don’t need it, being an earth compound, it falls within vast other elements. Hardheaded, resilient, malleable when choosing to be, stubborn and may even be immovable. Careful to fall into ignorance. Compound of all life, connections to deep rooted earth and grounding. Encompasses adaptation and configuring new paths to those who are similar in energy. Associated with Mercury, Fae, Cube, and Virgo. Opposite Wood.

✦V Wood: Energy Initiating/Accelerating (Ex. Nuclear Fission) Tool Recommendations: Runes, Kindred Animals, Elemental Cooperation, Contacting Spirits, Boundaries. Combination of earth and water, strength and flexibility, this acts like a pillar of generosity, wisdom and ideology. Connects deep into the earth, allows knowledge of the ancients, and progress for stimulated growth. Patience, silence, and observation. This mote is best known for its goofy demeanor in bad situations with a serious understanding of how to get through it. Creative and mending. Finds ways to break through even the gravest difficulty with ease. Attracted to those with mirroring qualities. Associated with Venus, Healing, Cube, and Taurus. Opposite Metal.


Expanded energy representations for magick, alchemy, Zodiac type and more. These elementals are more precise, mixing multiple main branch elementals to create and make up a single Mote for the next layer or expansion of the universal concept of existence in the emotional form.

✧VIII Lightning: Air elemental derived from compacted energy of fire and wind. This stems from personal strength and ability to direct condensed energy in a direct line, exudes power, unpredictability, creativity and illuminating energy. Driven, kind unless provoked, this energy is able to extend its reaches to the farthest travel in order to find what it desires. Most relative to conduits, meaning those who are best able to take on other’s emotions, energy, etc. Associated with Sun, Yang, Tetrahedron, Vesica Piscis, Octahedron, and Leo. Opposite Bubble.

✦VII Bubble: The bubble mote is most effective in transmutation of other elements and sound, temporarily invisible, a pure playful nature, this elemental is formed from water and condensed air. Can be spontaneous and carry an array of other elementals, trapped upon discretion. A fast learner and emotional energy healer. Mixed with other elements allows this energy to take on and strengthen those aspects. Be playful, learn to let go. Another conduit energy, able to mix other elemental’s aspects for example, ice bubbles, virus bubbles and so on. Associated with Moon, Yin, Icosahedron, and Cancer. Opposite Lightning.

✧XVIII Ice: Harsh energy by nature, joy accompanies, aiding whenever possible. An essence of water and air elemental is a transforming energy that manifests persistence, protective natures and desire for knowledge, however, can be uncompassionate, or naively childish if unbalanced. Play, learn to learn. Most connected to deeply feeling individuals who struggle to allow themselves to feel their own emotions or energy. Associated with Neptune, Shadow, Icosahedron, and Pisces. Opposite Lava.

✦XXIII Lava: A fiery, earth elemental and can help protect from water’s decaying, manifesting true growth. Useful to aid in healing processes. Represents an island formed from the cooling nature of this bold elemental. Can be a lonely natured type and tend to be prone to sad energy if stagnant. Reflect, go within, grow and build. Can be explosively creative for sudden, prolonged bursts that slowly dwindle down to a completed project. Associated with Pluto, Blood, Icosahedron, and Scorpio. Opposite Bubble.

✧XVII Fog: Elemental derived from wind, and water, this energy is transitional. It flows in heavy or light natures and can be swift or stagnant depending on balance. Headstrong and playful, this energy assists in electric conduction and can often cause trouble when chaos is not under control. Strengthens creativity or overstimulates; allow cool down periods. Attracted to individuals who are most prone to confusing situations or illusions, there to guide them out of the situation. Associated with Uranus, Aether, Octahedron, and Aquarius. Opposite Ash.

✦XXIV Ash/Smoke: Brewing heated energy from Fire and air elementals, expels a cunning advantage and can protect or camouflage energies. Block out some of that blinding light others are radiating with some smoke, seeing through some challenges or getting lost in them. Most related to Phoenix energy, bold explosive power that burns up into flames and down into the ashes to be reborn again even more powerful and ready to take on the next challenge. Associated with Lilith, Time, Vesica Piscis, and Arachne. Opposite Fog.

✧XIX Sun: Associated with your birth date, expresses your deepest sense of self and individuality. Carries fire elemental energy hosting stubbornness and pride, but also a gentle energy wavering in wisdom, childish creativity and standing in the limelight. Powerful masculine energy that is driven to create, act and do. Associated with Sun, Solar Eclipse, Tetrahedron, and Leo. Opposite Moon.

✦II Moon: Teaching the importance of change, this mote governs emotional body asking you to use your intuition and move through the cycles, often associated with water elemental energy. This energy is good as disguise and can be misunderstood. Strong spiritual magic, depending on phase, learn whether you’re to watch, listen, or act. Priestess energy that leads those on the path for discovery of the ancients or hidden power within. Associated with Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Icosahedron, and Cancer. Opposite Sun.

✧VIII Yang: Light half of Zen, an energy mote with the masculine energies. Often depicted with the sun elemental. Balance’s deception, pride and confliction in intentions and self-awareness. Makes best with those with decision making skills and drive to lead. Associated with Sun, Lightning, Vesica Pisces, and Leo. Opposite Yin.

✦VII Yin: Shadow half of Zen, an energy mote with the feminine energies. Often depicted with the moon elemental. Balances understanding, sadness and confusion. Cheer up buttercup. This energetic being is mysterious, powerful and relatable to those most connected with Witch or Goddess energy or skills to observe and feel intuition. Associated with Moon, Bubble, Vesica Pisces, and Cancer. Opposite Yang.


Complex energy representations for detailed mental, personality and starseed types and more. These elementals are more divine, bringing complexity into simplicity for the multi layers (or higher consciousness expansion) of the universal concept of existence in the Mental form. They have both, masculine and feminine energy but I will still show the opposites with the ✧✦.

✧XIII Crystal: Very fairy-like energy, this mote carries transformation and replication to all degrees. Often seen as Any other element, this energy was originally the cross between spirit and planet energy, or physical/spiritual plane manifestation. Fast learning and replicating, taking the learned lesson to the nth degree and advancing development of those around them, either through Karma or Divine timing. Associated with Lilith, Pluto, Pentagram, All Sacred Geometry, and Ophiuchus. Opposite Fae.

✦IX Fae: Fairy-like energy, carrying vibrational transformation and expansion of consciousness and energy to all degrees. Carries similar energy to most other elements, showing its connection to metaphysical energies branching out into elemental transformation helping that are magically inclined feel empowered in who they really are. Attracted to strange, peculiar individuals who desire to play in their talents and connect with similar folk. Associated with Chiron, Virgo, Septegram Merkabah, Dodecahedron and Virgo. Opposite Crystal.

✧VI Heart(h): In the image of all elements, this mote makes others stand together and pay attention. A community type elemental that holds the heart of a group of energies. Signifies balance and leadership or demonstration of truth. Sacrificial energy for the greatest good. This is the core energy for the main 4 elementals of Water, Fire, Earth and Air. Connects all other elementals in Heart energy and unconditional love. Associated with Mercury, Silence, Merkabah, Vesica Piscis, and Gemini. Opposite Blood.

✦XXIII Plasma/Blood: Energy often associated with ancestry and karmic law, this mote plays off of your own debt as well as the birthed debt of ancestry and can either be muddied or cleansed depending on amount of karmic debt worked through or taken on. This energy mote loves history and archeology. Often connected to individuals who have curious natures in where we came from and family lineages. Associated with Pluto, Lava, Icosahedron, and Scorpio. Opposite Hearth.

✧XVII Aether: Spiritual energy mote that concentrates on vibrational energies not always seen to the eye and outside of the auras of energy beings. This mote can also come across as a ghost, or even a poltergeist. If fed with good energy, the same will follow. Loyal, protected, but fueled by emotional and mental energies in the spiritual body. Expand and enclose the extracted energy from the far aethers. Most attracted to expanding individuals who are able to connect with the energy outside of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual reaches, in negative space. Associated with Uranus, Fog, Merkabah, and Aquarius. Opposite Cosmic.

✦XV Cosmic: Collection of concentrated cosmoses. This energy is empathetic, compassionate and willing to develop or grow. Concentrated on knowledge and dabbles in all parts of energy, light and dark. Lessons are formatted in this elemental from our Galactic selves desiring to reach out and teach us more beyond humanity to assist it. Attracted to those very strange and peculiar individuals who are always looking up at the stars. Associated with Saturn, Dark, Dodecahedron, and Capricorn. Opposite Aether.

✧IV Light: Spiritual mote that concentrates on vibrational light. This mote can come across overwhelming but expresses pureness. Deals with the heart, protection, and clear intentions but fueled by emotional and mental energies in the spiritual body. Speak clearly to receive the desired outcome. Hangs out most around children and loves to play with all pure hearted souls. Associated with Mars, Nova, Merkabah, and Aries. Opposite Dark.

✦XV Dark: Spiritual mote that concentrates on vibrational dark. This mote can come across harsh and even mean but often is just expressing the pure mental energy of being wise and all-knowing. Loyal, enjoys order, but fueled by emotional and mental energies in the spiritual body igniting inner wisdom and a Teacher-Student-Wiseman expansion. Attracted to very particular souls who are able to delve not only into themselves but others as well. Associated with Saturn, Cosmic, Vesica Piscis, and Capricorn. Opposite Light.

✧XIV Virus: This vicious mote is definitely more bite than bark! Manipulative and transformative energy that affects clarity and often can lead to madness. But not all madness is insanity and can indeed give you the outside-the-box perspective advantage in a situation. Deep insight through Haoka (trickster energy). Creative, crazy, and beautiful, this energy mote loves to play games, but is known to take it too far at times. Associated with Jupiter, Sound, Dodecahedron, and Sagittarius. Opposite Healing.

✦V Healing: A pure mote that exudes healing and nurturing replenishment. Can often have a water-like nature, it deals with all the bodies and can soak into some very deep wounds and bring out harsh natures in need to be cleansed and loved. Able to share energy amongst those who most need it. Can be found in Medical centers and Healing Practitioners of both worlds. Associated with Venus, Wood, Pentagram, Icosahedron and Taurus. Opposite Virus.

✧XIV Sound/Vibration: An energetic mote that can be destructive and healing. This elemental is based on the waves of energy exuding around it. Can often lead to confusion and needs consistency in order to maintain balance. Let the raw burn into a healing for further clarity, you will get through this. Loves to be around musicians and children. Associated with Jupiter, Virus, Dodecahedron, and Sagittarius. Opposite Silence.

✦VI Silence: A mote that has no sound and hardly found unless in meditative silence, benefits self-understanding and can either send energy into fear or strength depending on willingness to work within and grow through self-awareness. Can be found among souls who have gone through intensity or hardship and is there to heal the wounds we choose to hide from, whether slowly or immediately. Associated with Mercury, Hearth, Vesica Piscis, and Gemini. Opposite Sound.


Higher Consciousness energy representations from within. These elementals are divined within our own soul from our higher, conscious selves, bringing not only complexities on multiple layers but also overcoming challenges within. This universal concept of existence comes in the Spiritual form. They have neither and both, masculine and feminine energy but I will still show the opposites with the ✧✦.

✧IV Ascension (Nova): This energetic mote is the final stage of all the energies mended together in an enlightened and full potential wave of energy, creating a supernova or final stage of ascension. Allows you to tap deeper in higher self and trust in the next phases to turn out alright. Very connected to people with powerful energy, usually with aura fields that are very large and noticeable. Sometimes even around the famous. Associated with Mars, Light, Dodecahedron, and Aries. Opposite Void.

✦XI Nether/Void: Strong energy waving in the emptiness of the universe, this energy tests your perspective-love, and desire for balance by trusting in ultimate pure karmic law, what you give will come back to you 3X stronger. Very connected to the highest form of self-love individuals. These intense energy motes choose to be around people who are able to draw energy towards themselves and can even be around energy vampires to an extent. Associated with Lilith, Spirit, Vesica Piscis, and Libra. Opposite Nova.

✧XI Spirit: 空 Kū or sora, most often translated as "Void", but also meaning "sky" or "heaven", Tool Recommendations: Contacting Spirits, Divination, All Magick Types, Energy Manipulations. Strong energy waving in the light of your own soul, this energy tests your unconditional love, and compassion and willingness trust others. Commonly found around people very connected to the Angelic, Galactic Council or mystifying subjects of the interconnectedness among all beings. Associated with Venus, Void, Vesica Piscis, and Libra. Opposite Shadow.

✦XVIII Shadow: Strong energy waving in the shadow of your own soul, this energy tests your self-love, and perseverance to succeed and trust in yourself. This energy can be very dark, even sometimes appearing around individuals who hold very dark intentions but is there to transmute that energy into highest form of unconditional love and the shadow of the soul. Associated with Neptune, Ice, Vesica Piscis, and Pisces. Opposite Spirit.

✧XXIV Time: Strong energy waving in the expansiveness of the universe, this energy transitions your perspectives for continual advancement in multi-platforms of timespan of energy, and desire for balance by trusting in ultimate pure karmic law and allowing yourself patience to achieve the ultimate goal. Connected to individuals who are able to manipulate time and dimensional energy. Even astral travel. Associated with Lilith, Ash, Vesica Piscis, Ankh, and Arachne. Opposite Knowledge.

✦XIII Knowledge: Strong energy waving vibrations of the Akashic records for that was, is and will be for transformation of energy. Utilizes spiritual energies and physical energies in the embodiment of varying beings or creations, allowing for downloads on the desired question to come. Attracted to those who are most curious of all knowledge in the universe and that do not stop learning or searching for it. These elementals are often found bringing new ways for souls to learn. Associated with Lilith, Crystal, Vesica Piscis, Pentagram, Ankh, and Ophiuchus. Opposite Time.

The Roman numerals represent the correspondence to Tarot Major Arcana.

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