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  1. Here is the website to find your specific number: CLICK HERE!!!!!

  2. Who is Grabovoi Petrovich Grigori

    • Russian Psychic and Doctor of Mathematics

    • Born on November 14, 1963 (Scorpio)

    • He claims to be a clear-sighted healer and the founder of the System of “Salvation and Harmonious Development” of all beings.

    • Author of several books but this one relates the most to today’s video: “Recovery Of The Human Body Focusing On Numbers”

  1. What are Grabovoi numbers?

    • The use of Radionic signatures to heal various live ailments.

    • Manifestation Numbers

    • Radionic theory and practice is the concept that people and all life forms share a common ground.

    • We are all connected to each other within the electromagnetic field of the earth

    • Healing numbers – for example, heal your love life and your body

    • Numbers that work within our system internally

  1. How to use these numbers

    • Memorize them

    • Repeat them all day every day

    • Say them out loud or in your head

    • Casually say them

    • Feel love, gratitude, peace, and joy when you say them

    • You can say them while smiling

    • You must use these numbers the intent for the good of all

  1. Some Grabovoi Numbers

    • Bring Crush to Me – 89974476

    • Bring My Love Back to Me- 3856794

    • Romantic Love – 401543512

    • Unexpected Money – 520 741 8

    • A lot of money coming to me in a steady generous way – 9213140

    • Fame – 8277237

    • Good Health – 80845700

    • Weight Loss without diet – 5343168

    • Increase the beauty of face and body – 83585179

    • Healing Coronavirus – 87748973

    • You can get very specific when these codes

    • A numerological way to say your affirmations

  1. Make sure when you are saying these numbers you are visualizing how the best scenario your manifestation is coming into your reality.

  2. Comment below what you are trying to manifest and I will find the number for you!

Love you, Powerful Creators! xoxo Kiara Kyan <3

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