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#WEUnited Campaign

You can email me your videos,

1. Have a plain background with just your face, you can be outside

2. You can invite anyone to do this campaign with the same instructions

3. I will be cutting all the videos together into one video so we are all heard

4. In a separate video you can send me your cultural background or insight on humanity, and unity

5. If you want to do it, view more instructions below:

1. do a 20 or so second video saying your name, what you do-


“Hello, my name is- I am a (profession) that is currently working on (healings, teaching, business, project).“

2. Then you would say”

Humanity is- (Courage, Healing, connection ...)”

whatever you resonate best with, say your term for humanity.

3. Then at the end of the video say,

“We United, Together we Stand, A World Enlightened. One Human Race.”

And that’s it- email it to me

I want to do a video- showcasing

W.E. United

(World Enlightened) United

Together We stand, Divided we Fall

I want as many people as we can get to share their view of community and connection and collaboration and justice and human rights- while ending the Video in

“We United”

“World Enlightened. We are One Human Race.”

I feel like we should speak on behalf of believing in each other and seeing past the abuse- so many people are fueled by their emotions of anger sadness and discomfort- we should ignite some sort of empowerment to stand together united not blame groups of people but individuals whose actions aren’t the best- there should be a way to explain that we cannot tip each other apart every chance we get when something happens, help generations see Humanity as Beautiful.

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